Monday, April 18, 2011

Synchronized Sunday

Yesterday afternoon I decided it was finally time to take the young one under my paw and show him how to do things my way.

That's it ... put your right feet forward  and keep your left feet back.
Now put your left feet forward and keep your right feet back to match mine.

We practiced walking side by side for a while in our garden, and then we went for our very first car ride together.

I travel in my mobile kennel often as you can tell by all the fur on my travel mat. Up until now Enzo has traveled in this box (on the back seat with someone beside him when he was very young, then in his box in the back of the car). However I always think of the back of the car as my very own area, but on Sunday it was finally time for us to try travelling in the car at the same time to see if we could share the space.  

Good Enzo... sit up straight, put your tongue out.

Now look as cute as you can for anyone behind the car.
It might help if you opened your eyes though!  

Mum decided to keep his box in the car so I didn't use him as a cushion, but after a while she realised that we were OK together (as Enzo had climbed out of his box to be closer to me which meant that we shared an even smaller space and the box was empty) so she took the box away and we travelled happily side by side. He didn't even try to climb over the back seats to escape from me.

We went to a few different places, dropped the trailer off (being followed by a trailer didn't seem to bother him), saw some people and then headed to the park for our first walk together. Up until now I've been going for daily walks without him as my walks are on hard ground and I like to walk long distances.
At the park I reminded Enzo to always put his "best foot forward". I was very impressed that he managed to keep his tail to the same side as I held mine the whole time (mum thinks it had something to do with the wind but I know is it because I've taught him so well). His feet are perfect in the photos.

During our walk we saw a chicken and I resisted the temptation to chase it. Chasing chickens is not a good habit for a young  pup to learn - trust me on this as I had a foul experience the day before, with small black feathers left all over my dog bed, the neighbours cat nowhere to be seen and mum not sure exactly what to accuse me of.

Anyway I enjoyed my walk in the park with Enzo. It was short, but we spent about twenty minutes walking side by side (not obedience walking at "heal") without getting tangled up or tripping mum, although I do think she needs to sort out the length of my lead better so I can be head of the pack! 

Then another car ride, and back home to relax together in our "family  dog room"

Paws out front and left leg to the left side, right leg tucked under.

So what do you think - am I doing OK training my very own mini-me?

Lots of woofs,

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Almost Wordless Wednesday

I've been so busy looking after the young one since he arrived here at the end of February, that I haven't had time to post much or even chase my tail, but hopefully I will get my P.A. back to her keyboard soon so I can tell you what Enzo and I have been up to!