Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Monday, September 2, 2019

Our carbon paw-print

Spring in New Zealand... what more could Enzo and I want than a walk in our favourite park to sniff the daffodils and see the lambs. 

(That's me standing.. I'm almost 13 years old now!)

However in the news was an Australian article saying "According to research published in the New Scientist, the carbon footprint of a sports utility vehicle driven for 10,000 kilometres for a year is about less than half of a medium sized dog like a labrador or a Golden Retriever" suggesting dogs and cats should become vegan or be replaced by more environmentally friendly pets like lizards to save the planet! 

Our human (who has no human young ones creating their own foot prints) says she prefers walking with us to driving four SUV's and chooses to do other things for the planet, so for now we don't have to become vegan dogs. 

Perhaps this is a future topic for our old friend Bertie (aka Blogville's Scientific Advisor) to investigate even if it is just to check if his own carbon paw-print is the same as a Mini car. What do you think? 

Love and woofs,
Riley the non-vegan Golden Retriever