Sunday, July 7, 2013

Green dogs.

Here are some photos from our winter walk this morning around Cornwall Park. This is one of my favorite places to walk in Auckland, and I've posted about this park before (Climbing a volcano,  Winter, My Sunday walk in the ParkSpring is here) if you want to check out the view from the top, and what the park looks like in other seasons.

As long as dogs are on a lead we can go where ever we want to including in paddocks that have sheep, cattle and even roosters! There are so many smells to explore, things for me to sniff out and roll in. However my human always finds it amusing that she has to carry plastic bags to collect any deposits Enzo and I make (and then place these bags inside a green dog) while carefully watching where she walks so she doesn't step in the massive cow deposits and what the sheep have left behind in the same field!

Enjoy your Sunday.

Riley and Enzo

PS On our everyday walks around the neighborhood mum always uses plastic bags to tidy up after us so the streets are left clean. At this park she also always cleans up after us, but she is amazed by how much the cows and sheep leave on the grass that doesn't need to be picked up. Of course, for our noses, what the sheep and cows leave behind is extra  interesting!