Tuesday, July 10, 2012


It is mid-winter in New Zealand, which means frosty mornings and cold nights. Here are a few photos from one of my recent walks.

Many of the trees have no leaves.

I am never far from these strange creatures, even in our inner city parks,

but they only take a mild interest in dogs and then they resume their lawn mowing duties.

There are leaves everywhere.

Time for photos. Enzo, on the right in the first photo (black collar and black tag - my collar is blue and has a blue tag), is eighteen months old now. He is almost my weight - but I have the furrier coat. Some people say we look alike and have trouble telling us apart but if you look closely we really are quite different.

Back to our walk. Look at the size of this tree! It is a Moreton Bay Fig tree and there are lots of these trees in the park.
The best thing about the Moreton Bay Fig tree is large roots. There are lots of interesting smells around the tree roots to explore. Enzo was in leg-lifting heaven.

I even found this plaque. If you click on the photo (to make it bigger) you can read about the tree.

Just remember that I live in NZ, so this tree comes from our neighbours in Australia.

 Still sniffing...
 and more sniffing...

So that was one of our winter walks. If you are in the heat wave in America I'd happily send you some of our cold winter weather - I just have to figure out how to send it to you!