Tuesday, January 13, 2015

New Zealand has The Best Ball Boys in the World


Happy New Year! Enzo and I are still here, and are both well. Since I last posted I turned eight in September and Enzo celebrated his 3rd birthday two weeks ago. Time flies. We haven't posted for ages.  Have you forgotten us? We hope not.  Every once in a while our Personal Assistant (a.k.a. Dogsbody) looks at our favourite dog blogs and tells us about what our good friends in Blogville are up to. Unfortunately she is very hard to train beyond the basics of feeding us on demand, opening and closing doors for us several hundred times a day, taking us for walks, buying us toys, playing games with, brushing us, driving us around town, positioning her feet for us to lie on, collecting our fur from the floor, taking us to the beach and on holiday, etc. We keep trying to teach her new tricks like "write more frequently about us on our blog" but she gets easily distracted and mutters something about all the other things on her Roundtuit List. Maybe this year we will get her better trained!

In the meantime, Enzo and I have developed a new interest in tennis (including watching the "Heineken Open" which is currently being played here) after seeing this video for the "2015 ASB Classic" in Auckland last week. Venus Williams won.

Are you a retriever? What skills and experience would you write on your application to get a job like this?

Riley and Enzo