Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Wordless Wednesday

Not a single bark as we fight for Ted. I have the blue collar and Enzo has the black collar.

( )

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Almost Wordless Wednesday

and Riley both say "Woof".

We're both still enjoying life in
NZ and reading your blogs even
though we don't blog often.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Should modern artists be worried?

These original works are called “Towel at back door 1”, “Towel at back door 2” (below),

"Towel at back door 3" (below)

and “New dog-deck day 1”.
As you can see I am creating a series of abstract “PRINTS” and having fun experimenting using our hallway, living room and kitchen floors. Enzo is literally following in my footsteps adding to my designs with his tiny feet!
I then shake of my fine fur coat (spraying mud and water everywhere) and  hear loud screams of delight from my human. She's told me she will save the photos of her walls for another day.  I wonder why?

So what do you think of my art and can you guess what season it is where I live?


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

New Zealand has The Best Ball Boys in the World


Happy New Year! Enzo and I are still here, and are both well. Since I last posted I turned eight in September and Enzo celebrated his 3rd birthday two weeks ago. Time flies. We haven't posted for ages.  Have you forgotten us? We hope not.  Every once in a while our Personal Assistant (a.k.a. Dogsbody) looks at our favourite dog blogs and tells us about what our good friends in Blogville are up to. Unfortunately she is very hard to train beyond the basics of feeding us on demand, opening and closing doors for us several hundred times a day, taking us for walks, buying us toys, playing games with, brushing us, driving us around town, positioning her feet for us to lie on, collecting our fur from the floor, taking us to the beach and on holiday, etc. We keep trying to teach her new tricks like "write more frequently about us on our blog" but she gets easily distracted and mutters something about all the other things on her Roundtuit List. Maybe this year we will get her better trained!

In the meantime, Enzo and I have developed a new interest in tennis (including watching the "Heineken Open" which is currently being played here) after seeing this video for the "2015 ASB Classic" in Auckland last week. Venus Williams won.

Are you a retriever? What skills and experience would you write on your application to get a job like this?

Riley and Enzo

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Where's Riley?

Can you find me? 

Click on the pictures to make them larger. 
Hint... I am not the black Lab, but you can see me!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Hibernation and a big black bird

I know I haven't posted anything for ages (my mum has had some personal stuff to deal with), but whenever we can we have tried to visit your blogs as reading your stories makes us smile. 

Enzo and I are both well. We've been hibernating for winter. It is warm inside and our beds are comfy, although we are happy to play outside in the rain too, which is why we sleep with extra towels and easily washable covers on our beds.

Hopefully we will be back to posting about our adventures soon.

In the meantime I thought I'd tell you the biggest black bird flew overhead today... it was above the clouds so all we could see was a dark shadow with a strange sound. It was the first Boeing 787-9 to be delivered in the world. The Dreamliner came to our small country all the way from Seattle! *

My mum, who is not normally a plane spotter, told me way back when the first Concorde came to Auckland and she and her father climbed onto the roof of their house to see it fly over. They weren't mad - other neighbors were standing on their rooftops to to get the best view as the plane circled around Auckland. Then when she worked in London in the late 80's/early 90's every night around seven a Concorde would fly over, so to her it became just another plane. One day there will be more of these big black birds here (as our airline has ordered ten) but for now having one here is somehow really special.


*Video of the plane landing and inside the bird. Photo above is off the NZ Herald website 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Spring gardening

On Friday afternoon I went with my human to advise her on what she needs to buy for our garden. It is spring here in New Zealand, and I had lots of fun checking out the plants, smelling the roses and getting pats from other people at this dog friendly place. We went home with some seedlings, a lovely new rose bush, lots of vegetable seeds, moth traps for our apple tree and some seed raising mix.

(You can click on these photos to make them bigger)

So tell me do you help or hinder your humans gardening efforts? Enzo likes to dig big holes in the lawn when no one is looking, but I prefer to keep my human company while she is trying to make plants grow in the garden. What do you do?


Sunday, October 27, 2013

On holiday...

Last weekend I was away at the bach ("bach" is the Kiwi term for a small holiday house) sleeping under the stars (on the deck on soft outdoor furniture - normally I'm an inside dog), enjoying BBQ food, going for long walks with Enzo and my humans, meeting other dogs on the beach, going for swims and even chasing Enzo and seagulls up the estuary (which is on the other side of the peninsula).


(Enzo proving that he can run twice as fast as I can,  and four times as fast as the male human!  Of course Enzo forgets his name as soon as he sees a seagull, and I only remember to stop running and turn around when they call out my second name which is "Food")

I ask you, what more could this Golden Retriever want than to spend summer by the sea? I'm counting down the days until we  escape Auckland and go there again.

Enjoy your weekend wherever you are,


Friday, September 27, 2013

And now for something completely different...

here are some old photos of me, taken in 2010, when I was four which is a few years ago as I turned seven this week!

I had a sore back and one of my back legs wasn't too good, so after x-rays and talking to my vets my human took me to a heated dog swimming pool, where a nice lady dressed me in a fancy red coat, and then got in the water with me. I had so much fun fetching my floating toy that I forgot I was exercising!

My leg is fine now but unfortunately the business closed, so I don't get to go there anymore.