Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Dog saves cat - would you?

Yesterday our mum saw the story of how a cat’s life, here in New Zealand, was saved by blood donated by a dog. She thought the concept of one species helping another like this was pretty amazing, so wanted to share two links to the story (TV3 news and "The New Zealand Herald") and ask what your relationship with cats (or dogs if you are a cat) is like?

I normally just watch my neighbors cats wandering across our property or sauntering up and down beside the fence without much interest. If I had to choose between getting close to a cat or getting some dog food I would choose dog food every time.  

(Here I am trying to ignore a furry beast. Usually 
cats are more interested in me than I am in them)

However Enzo runs as fast as he can to great any cats that come over to visit, then after they get run to the other side of the fence, he runs back and forth beside the fence and woofs as loud as he can at the cat (or cats) on the other side.  This always makes one of the cats return to the fence to try to pat his nose with her paw through the fence palings.

 (Puppy Enzo meeting our grandparent's cat)

(This photo shows the start of Enzo's obsession with cats)

Our mum hears the noise, then rushes outside worried by what Enzo is up to or what he might do. She waves her arms around a lot, and make even louder noises as she calls Enzo away from the fence!  

So what do you do when you see another species close to you, and would you give them your blood? I would help a cat if I could, and my mum says that she would give me her human blood if it helped me, but she is not sure if she wants my blood due the fact that her doctors can get human blood from strangers.