Sunday, October 27, 2013

On holiday...

Last weekend I was away at the bach ("bach" is the Kiwi term for a small holiday house) sleeping under the stars (on the deck on soft outdoor furniture - normally I'm an inside dog), enjoying BBQ food, going for long walks with Enzo and my humans, meeting other dogs on the beach, going for swims and even chasing Enzo and seagulls up the estuary (which is on the other side of the peninsula).


(Enzo proving that he can run twice as fast as I can,  and four times as fast as the male human!  Of course Enzo forgets his name as soon as he sees a seagull, and I only remember to stop running and turn around when they call out my second name which is "Food")

I ask you, what more could this Golden Retriever want than to spend summer by the sea? I'm counting down the days until we  escape Auckland and go there again.

Enjoy your weekend wherever you are,