Thursday, November 8, 2012

Musical beds.

I feel the need to explain the photo in my last Wordless Wednesday post. You see, Ted's comment was right. I wasn't at all happy as young Enzo and I had had a bit of a disagreement over our sleeping arrangements.

As a small puppy Enzo slept in a crate with the door closed. He slept with his security blanket - a little cream thing that he arrived with when he was eight weeks old. It had the smells of his brothers and sisters and mother, and he still (at 22 months old) finds his blanket comforting and carries it around even though mum's washed it many times.

As he got older he continued to sleep in his crate (with the door open).
I slept on an old hand-me down bed from the last Golden Retriever that lived in this house. It is my space, reasonably comfy and when my humans give me the "Bed" command I know that I have to stay there until mum gets up in the morning and gives me a tummy rub to release me so I can check out the garden.

Anyway, for some reason our two legged ones decided to remove the crate. Enzo had discovered an old bean bag, and every time it was put on the floor he couldn't resist making a little nest for himself, so they thought he might  like it to be his bed. 

I tried his bean bag once, but didn't enjoy the experience!However they put the bean bag on the floor beside my bed for him, and this is how we slept at night.

Until  he started doing this, and if I wanted my morning tummy rub I knew that I couldn't leave my bed.

There are other beds in our house that he could have gone to. In the family room we have a 1.8m long fabric covered piece of foam, where we rest while our humans watch TV. You would think Enzo would lie at one end of it and I could stretch out at the other end as there is enough space for the two of us, but he just uses me as a cushion while he chews on his toys.

Again he is at my end taking up space, though at least in this photo I have the upper paw!

At night they would send him to his bean bag and every morning at around 3am, even though they sleep at the other end of the house, they heard him moving around (to nest, to move to my bed, to go somewhere else, etc). He's also one of those dogs who woofs loudly as he chases rabbits in his sleep, so the bean bag rustling noises occurred often and our humans decided maybe Enzo needed a bed that wasn't a bean bag.
Guess what... they bought a new dog bed especially for him. As you can see, Enzo needs to be taught how to fit onto it, but he spent the first few days quite content, rubbing his face in the fabric, rolling round on his back and carrying his blanket to his bed.

He even slept on it all night. Then he decided he wanted "my bed" again so I started using his empty bed. I found his bed very comfy and big enough for me to relax on, with or without his blanket.

As you can see we both have enough space to sleep...
but now he has started doing this again.

What does a dog have to do to get a bed of his own where he can sleep at night undisturbed, as each morning our humans never know where they will find us or even if one of us will end up on the floor boards without a bed?



Anonymous said...

Probably never will happen, a bed of your own! Some things just look better and cozier when someone else is using them!!!

rottrover said...

You're his new security blanket, Riley!

Bart and Ruby

Sam said...

I think this might be a permanent change. Monty does the same thing, except he tends to step all over Sam in his attempts to get comfy.


STELLA and RORY from Down Under said...

Howdy Riley, We have a few different beds too and at first we always shared but now at 16 and 18 months we sleep on our own beds. Of course if it's cold I will sometimes go and snuggle Rory cause he is so big and warm hehe. We think Enzo just loves your company. Maybe he feels lonely at night and needs to be close to you. Take care all and have a great weekend. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

Caryl Moll said...

Hehe, this is very funny and so typical; almost like an echo of life in our household when King Toffee was still around.
Musical beds it is, and musical beds it will remain. It's just a boy-dog thing :)
Either way, you both look SOOOO comfortable. Sleep tight pretty boys. You really are beautiful!
Sending lotsaluv and ((Hugs))

Ted said...

Beds are funny things. I've always slept at night in my bed in Their bedroom, while during the day I go for one of the other super comfy beds in the kitchen or TV room. But after two years of living together, I now start off in the bedroom, get my Kiss Goodnight from Mum and stay until Dad arrives, then move off to the TV room for the night.
They think it's because I'm a big boy now and can sleep in my own room. They may be right, but I'm not telling. BTW sorry no photo of me. I'm an English Setter, White & Lemon.

Dexter said...

This is very vexing. Some dogs just don't seem to understand personal space. I can imagine with all the squirming he does when he dreams that you could suffer a blow to the head on the nights that he decides to crawl into your bed. I just don't know what you can do about it. Good luck.


essentials enterprise said...

Awwww, Enzo loves you. :)


Charlene and Storm said...

hi guys, thanks for the tip about painting the sky on my ceiling, i kept doing it and i think its coming on really well :)

Enjoy your snuggles! Stormy likes to lay in betweem me and my husband and he cant just go at the bottom he has to lay right near the top and when he stretches in the night his back feet always manage to hit me in the face. i wouldnt have it any other way tho xxx

Charlene & Stormy