Thursday, January 17, 2013

Video of a three legged robber - so what do you steal?

We barked out loud at this news item about a dog here in New Zealand who was filmed stealing dog food from the local shop, while his owners were away on holiday.

Seeing Oscar made my mum think about how her first dog used to steal toast. Her old toaster would randomly fire pieces of toast onto the kitchen floor at a ratio of about one piece sent into the air for every six times she toasted bread. If she went out of the kitchen and toast fired onto the floor would diappear before she could get to it to give it to the birds!

Enzo is well known for his tissue stealing ability. No tissue is safe in the pockets of humans who are sitting down. He generally leaves most other things around the house, but if when he finds empty socks he takes them back to his bed!

So what do you steal, and have you ever been caught on camera?


Mitch and Molly said...

Angel Maggie was notorious for stealing paper towels and tissues and napkins right off of people's laps that were eating dindin!
We're pretty good about not swiping stuff.

Love ya lots,
Mitch and Molly

STELLA and RORY from Down Under said...

Howdy Riley and Enzo, I Stella, love to steal and eat tissues (new and used, ewww), socks and anything left lying around by my lazy humans. Rory on the other hand, doesn't really steal anything. The other day he actually took an old bread roll from the chicken scrap container, he had it in his mouth, mum told him to LEAVE IT in a big voice, and believe it or not, the silly doofer dropped it and ran away haha. Loved the video of the three legged dog. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

Berts Blog said...

Hi Riley, we just tried to pul up the video for the tenth time and we still can't but we heard about him on our news.

I kinda got caught stealing something that cannot be mentioined on the internet.

Boy was my vickie emberrassed cause we were at a school speaking to 100 kids at the time I snuck into a ladies purse and took it.

Now they call me a clepto. what does that mean...


Max Mom said...

What a sweet pup...perhaps his owners have got him 'well-trained'.
Yeah, Toby's passion is the small dustbins in the various bedrooms. He's getting better now, but we often found him with his head submerged :) Nowadays its the 'Boss's socks, but I use the opportunity to get him to bring them to the scullery (for washing) - and he receives a treat for that :)
I've been thinking good thoughts for you. I hope that things are going ok for you in your caring for your parents. You are very special! (Thanks for your comments and emails too)
Sending lotsaluv
Caryl and Co in SA

Mollie said...

I steal'z sock'z and tissue'z..BOL They are just'z so much fun :) xx00x

Mollie and Alfie

Asta said...

That clevew doggie should get a medal , not jail time. I almost stole a hopoge piece of tuwkey off the table this last thanksgiving..Mommi was awestwuck, cause I NEVEW evew did anything like that befowe, hehehe
smoochie kisses

Sam said...

Our first Golden was a terrible thief - but it wasn't food. It was peoples possessions! Newspapers, wallets, shoes - you name it, she swiped it.