Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Snow or graupel.

Yesterday snow landed around parts of Auckland. Why is this news, well it was the first snow since 1939 or 1976 depending on which record you go by.

For Aucklanders having snow fall in our city was huge news, even though much of southern New Zealand and parts of the lower north island are regularly covered with the stuff. The snow didn’t last very long on the ground, and some news reports even claimed we only had graupel amongst a day of rain, hail and cold winds, but NIWA (a weather service) confirmed that it snowed and that Auckland set a new record with its coldest recorded temperature (a maximum temperature of 8.2 degrees C or 32 degrees F) yesterday.

Mum decided to stay inside and not take me for my daily walk (so she and Enzo could stay close to a heater) but she’s promised to dress up in all the clothes she can find and take me out today (even though more snow is forecast down to 100m) so I don’t get cabin fever.

However I did have a good walk in the weekend around the new Wynyard Quarter area of town. This is an  industrial area, by the waterfront, that used to be known as "Tank Farm" due to all the big tanks that stored bulk liquids. It opened to the  public about a week ago, and there are cafes and restaurants, playgrounds for the children, sculptures, tanks, a viewing thing to climb and a new exhibition centre.

(A photo off the web - I've circled Wynyard Quarter. You can see lots of tanks on the left). Auckland's CBD is behind Wynyard Quater where the tall Sky Tower is. You can click on this photo to biggify it).
The trams are back - for the first time in Auckland in over 50 years, and do a circuit round Wynyard Quarter every 15 minutes.

  The playground was busy.

Here is the viewing platform that we went up, even though mum didn't like the fact that the steps and floor on the lower two levels were made from expanded metal (which meant she worried our toe nails might get caught) She didn't like looking down, but Enzo and I did really well, navigating past people, and walking from one end of this building to the other.

There was a glass lift at the far end, but we took the stairs. You can see the Auckland Harbour Bridge in the distance.

More tanks...

We walked past lots of people and a few dogs enjoying all the new cafes and bars along the wharf which is still used by boats delivering fish to the fish market (mum forgot to take photos) and we went up the outside of the new exhibition centre,


and got a view of the working boats, Devonport and Rangitoto (the volcano in the middle of our  harbour) from the balcony.
The white building behind us is a Hilton Hotel.
and this is the view from the other side of the building towards the Viaduct Harbour area of town. . Can you see the bridge (which opens up to allow boats through)? The Viaduct area also has bars and restaurants and lots of apartments. It was built for when the America's Cup was held here.

We then walked over the bridge, and the last photo is looking back to the Exhibition Centre.

I hope you all had a good weekend, and wherever you are you are warm.



Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Of khourse, I like it KHOOL so I'll pretend I'm rolling in New Zealand's SNOW!!!

Thanks fur sharing your weekend fun!

Khyra and The Golden Khampers Merdie and Harley

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

With all the heat we're having here, snow seems to far away, but your post has us wishing!!

You really live in an amazing place, THANKS for taking 'us' along today!!

Angus said...

My, how Auckland has grown . Despite the threat to toe-nails it looks like a great dog friendly place .

Maggie and Mitch said...

Your city is just gorgeous!
We are so jealous that you got snow and we didn't!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

STELLA from Down Under said...

Hi Riley we heard about your snow. Brrr. Come on summer we say. Its been cold here too but no snow where we are. Keep warm. No worries, and love, Stella


Hi there Riley,
Thanks for a super interesting blog post. You had snow? Guess what...we did too,LOL! What is happening with our weather? We are freezing here at the moment. They say it should warm up by Friday. (More dog shows this weekend).
Anyway, you two look absolutely stunning! Love that pic of you two together! Wonderful pups!
Sending lotsaluv

Dory and the Mama said...

What a most beautiful city, thanks for showing us around!

Dory, Jacob and Bilbo

sprinkles said...

Yikes! So sorry you got snow. I think it's pretty but hate driving in it.

Your city is really beautiful, thanks for sharing!

Mrs. JP said...

Hey wow I love to be by the water. Such a beautiful tour.